About Us

We provide direct, hands-on export solutions and give support to entrepreneurs, manufacturers and service providers who see exporting as a new market possibility and would like to start exporting to European and other markets, but do not have export knowledge or experience how to create export opportunities.

We take the necessary steps to export your goods or services and set up your market in your target country or countries, both in Europe and beyond. And, as your export partner we give you access to an extensive global network of export support agents who know their own market inside and out and offer you, as client, the possibility of a sustainable long-term collaboration in the country concerned.

Our approach is comprehensive but also flexible and always responsive to the requirements and desires of the individual client or several individual clients who might have decided to form an exporting group together.

CEO Message

We can develop export as your ‘new’ market possibility. For more detailed information please do contact us at Export Support Office (ESO)

Martin Leushuis, MD

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